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Alpenzu - The typical products of Aosta Valley

The typical products of the Aosta Valley reflect the high biodiversity of the uncontaminated Alpine region from which are the raw materials, skillfully used by the traditional gastronomy to create local dishes.

Alpenzu was born in order to promote and disseminate the gastronomic specialties of the ancient recipes of the Aosta Valley, to give the opportunity to the many tourists who come to visit our beautiful mountains to bring home local food specialties.
A workshop (a large family kitchen) where we use old recipes, jealously guarded, and where we perform all operations manually in order to get a genuine product with full flavor and fresh with no preservatives and dyes.
Our daily work is to treat every job in every detail, in order to get a handmade product to meet the needs of most demanding customers according to the most modern self-control standards.
Among the typical Aosta Valley products, Fontina d.o.p. It is definitely the cutting edge in the production of dairy Valle d'Aosta. This whole cow's milk cheese with a soft texture that blends easily is the basis for the preparation of Fondue with Fontina Alpenzu you can find in more traditional version or with the addition of truffles or white wine Muller Thurgau DOC Valle d'Aosta.
As fruits we use apples, pears, chestnuts and berries that turn into extra Jams with the addition of a small amount of sugar. The berries and chestnuts are also preserved in syrup.
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