Pasture's Fontina DOP is a very special and tasty cheese that is produced in the summer months, when the cows are grazing on the mountain pasture.
The aromas and flavors of the alpine herbs and the open-air life of the cows give to milk, and therefore to Fontina, a particular flavor of excellent quality.
Alpenzu with this fontina D.O.P has created a superior quality fondue, produced only for a limited period of the year.
Advice for the use: heat in a microwave oven by removing the cap first or using a bain-marie.
INGREDIENTS: FONTINA DOP produced in mountain pastures 60%, water, CREAM, corn starch, EGG yolk, melting salt: sodium citrate, preservative: sorbic acid.
GLUTEN FREE product.
Store in a cool, dry place. After opening store in the refrigerator at a temperature between + 2 ° / + 6 ° C and consume within 3 days.

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